• ICE - Blue
  • ICE (H20) - BLUE

    Rossi does not digitally manipulate her images to create the deep royal blues or vibrant shades of turquoise that sparkle in her strange worlds of ice.
    What we see are “ephemeral sculptures” frozen in time by her lens  - the very last remnants of thousand-year-old ice, expelled from the innermost core of an ancient glacier that is now melting away.
    Her images are historical snapshots, conscious compositions created with a sense of urgency, aware that she is up against a race with time, as these fantastic formations are steadily disintegrating infront of her very eyes.
    On her quest to portray this metamorphosis, she has spent months, even years, in some of the worlds’ most inhospitable environments, such as Antarctica, Alaska and Patagonia.
    Although her subject is as far away from civilizationas can be; the absence of human presence is only illusory: her surreal landscapes are a direct consequence of our industrial rampage.
    In this ongoing project about GLOBAL WARMING, the colors of Rossi’s images symbolise different stages and aspects in the cycle of destruction:
  • BLUE ICE is the most ancient ice. Flushed out from the innermost core of a glacier, the bluer the ice – the older it is – it may be hundreds or even thousands of years old. Blue ice was formed at a time when the poles had not yet been reached by man, and the world was still uncontaminated. Thus, blue ice is a metaphor for the purity lost.
  • Milenial Blue I
  • Final Voyage
  • Where Nobody Goes
  • Limited Edition digital C-type Lambda Print on Fujicolor Crystal Archive DP II paper (75 year colour guarantee). Gallery Floating Plexi mounting; sealed behind a polished premium acrylic glass sheet (UV protected). Also available in ultraslim lightboxes (40 mm deep with aluminium frame). 
  • Exhibition view, Gstaad, Switzerland, February 2013