IBM Data Centre Launch installation 2011

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    Audio/visual/interactive project I worked on for the new IBM New Zealand Data Centre launch event in Auckland.

    3 custom software applications were developed to cover a total of 45m spanning 3 walls (1 application per wall) inside an inflatable cube. RGB led lights surrounded the outside, and 11 Christie 5k's handled the projections for the apps inside. Each wall had to fit a particular IBM data theme (left: "Enter the smarter cloud", back: "Analyse & Optimise", right: "Leverage smarter systems").

    Apps were built in Processing using the excellent toxilibs & minim audio libraries. Generative graphics react to live audio (feed from DJ) via FFT sound analysis across all the apps. A custom OSC server (also Processing) was created to allow the apps to communicate, allowing colour schemes to update and synchronise.
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  • Video from the IBM Data Centre Launch in March 2011.
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  • The left wall "Enter the smart cloud", displayed a moving cloud of interconnecting nodes and lines. It had an interactive area using a Kinect camera for input, and was based on this previous experiment-​17390316
  • The backwall "Analyse & Optimise", displayed an endless stream of looping ribbons in 3D space. This application is a reshaped version of Rui Madeira's original "Air Doom" (Processing source code:​p/​ruisource/​), so big thanks to Rui for his amazing work. In front of the wall, we had an iPad running the TouchOSC app allowing people to control the 3D view of the ribbons with 2 touch dials.
  • The right wall "Leverage smarter systems/Data storage", displayed a pool of expanding/contracting boxes/cubes. This wall also had a Kinect play area allowing people to throw the projected cubes around.
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