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    It was created the logo and the corporate identity of International Relations area. The entire project was carried out within the 250 hours of the internship at the university.

    The concept came from the idea to preserve the IADE’s visual identity; for this reason we started to work on the powerfull element of the IADE’s logo: the oblique “A”. This component remembers the distintive crosses of the university's building. Also we found a connection between the lines and the geometrics of the Relaçoes Internacionais’s monogram, “RI”, and the building of the new brand.

    The color choosen for the “RI” brand is the black, the same color used in the IADE's logo. The neutral tone of the brand fits to an istitutional environment, but just like a true dynamic brand, it is versatile. Maintaining a recognizable soul, it can change in a great number of variations, depending on the application, the context and the style.
  • The “RI” logo allows the application of images inside it and in this way it can take different visuals identities. In the cases proposed, the brand take the images of the pictures that represent the different courses of the university. The palettes were created from the unofficial colors of these departments. In particular they were selected from the make-up of the testimonials who appear in the photographs of the current campain.

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