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Album artwork created for albanian band Retrovizorja.
"I kaltër" - Album Artwork
(aquarel and digital)
Retrovizorja is a well-known albanian band focused on alternative and electronic music.
"I kaltër" (blue) is their third studio album, published online in late 2010. Being a fan of their music style, I was pleased to design the artwork for this album.

I started the concept trying to understand from the music why the album was called "Blue".
I made a word cloud of the themes and lyrics of the tracks, ranging from war to erotism, from the sharp electronic signals to Elina Duni's sensual vocals...The overall result was the feeling of being taken away from the earth atmosphere and landed on the moon, due to the sounds texture; yet retaining feelings of regrets, melancholia, dissappointment and distant love, due to the lyrics of Retrovizorja and the singing of albanian jazz singer Elina Duni.

Even though the project was realized within a few days, it got through some phases and discussions with the band members, mostly to modify the original version featuring a group of wolves walking on the phone cables, to a brighter atmosphere lacking them.