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Residency in Mexico, Oaxaca 2013 and collaboration with Bendui art toy.
"I am very happy I hope you are too" is an extand of my research against to e-textile in Arquetopia, residency in Mexico, Oaxaca. I successfully made 7 group of LED texts scroller on 2 masks, and then I just randomly put a memory of mine for the content.
In 2013, after finishing the art residency in the province of Oaxaca, Mexico, through a program funded by the National Arts Club Arts, I was invited by Bandui Lab to participate in a local community art project and was able to have a glimpse of a project carrying a fair trade concept: Bandui Lab would first go to remote mountainous areas to research about tribal culture and legends, and then coordinate and organize together with the village a work camp which they would invite local residents and workers to participate, counseling them with their existing carpentry or weaving skills to create craft works related to their tribal culture and also craft works possessed of a contemporary design sense, and then they would coach them to set up a physical store and exhibitions to share revenue. 
Oaxaca cetro and villiages / communities participate in this project.
layout design for circuits on fabric
"Taipei is fun as usual, 
hope you are having fun in mexico too 
and growing in confidence and self recognition. 
when I think of us, 
I wonder and bewildered lots, 
but without nostalgia nor regret, 
I have smile on my face. 
see you sometime in the future hopefully maybe, 
if life will bring us face to face again, 
I am very happy I hope you are too".