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  • I am... Now Available on the App Store.
    For the last two years, we (Achim & I) have been developing an app designed to connect people. For real.
    We wanted it to be a different kind of social network: more personal, less digital. Real-time and real-space – right here, right now. More open and much easier to use, without any registration or fancy profiles. And more discreet, not just another data logger.
    I am... utilizes the oldests and closest social network of all times: the people around you.
    Just tell them what you need.
    You have 60 characters.
    No registration.
    No data logging.
    No fancy profiles.
    No fuzz.
    For further infos, please visit iam-app.de/en/
    I am... is now available on the App Store.
  • I am... is now available on the App Store.
    Spread the word.
    I am... looking forward to your feedback!