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  • I Will
    A real-time rendering of future representations
  • I Will is a project that deals with metaphors of how our thoughts influence our actions and, consequently, influence our future. It does that by monitoring twitter for people saying things they intend to do in the future and, through the means of databending techniques, clashing the user's image with what the he or she said. 

    This project was conceived on the Werkplaats Typografie/ISIA Urbino Summerschool 2011. During two weeks, we focused on developing a project around the idea of time. My personal choice was on possible near futures and its effects on us while keeping in mind that all our actions propel us towards different directions on our future.

    This project was developed in PHP, using Benjamin Gaulon's Corrupt© project's code as a base for most of what it does. I cannot thank Benjamin enough for open sourcing his code. Thanks go also to all the wonderful classmates and our mentors for these two weeks: Armand Mevis, Karel Martens, Leonardo Sonnoli and Maureen Moren. Finally, Rosa Menkman was also a very important indirect influence on how this project came to be realized.