I Was Born With Type

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    excuses never did no good 

  • I Was Born With Type In My Dick is a graphic essay on common graphic design quotes.
    Built in the form of a manifesto, this low-budget zine is a personal statement of The Royal Studio contradicting the most respected beliefs on design. A self-initiated project built on acid and violence.
    Self-promoted, edited and curated, this object redefines the creative ground speaking on its own through the active voices of critics - an object of profanity and boldness, a portrait of the studio.

    Violence & Glory is the motto, and the critical realm is its birthplace. 
    In the time being, of crisis and profit, a studio can't be considered solid without having an active role in the theorectic and conceptual fields. It is the time for manifestos, for self-publishing, for the creatives to rise and claim their opinions.
    IWBWTIMD contradicts the concepts, plays without rules, and creates a new field of discussion through profanity and intelligence, featuring a wonderful conversation with: Mr. Mies Van der Rohe, Mr. Robert Venturi, Mr. Erik Spiekermann, Mr. Social Design Site, Mr. Milton Glaser, Mr. Frank Chimer, Mr. Paul Rand, Mr. Stephan Sagmeister, Mr. Massimo Vignelli & Mr. Graphic Design Museum of The Netherlands - a wonderful elite.

    Ladies & gentleman, The Royal Studio presents, the only sincere graphic design publication in the world; the wonderful reason why it was "born with type in [its] dick":
    Reason & Acid, the Royal way to do it.

    Royal Studio © 2013
    Oporto, Portugal
    Essay / Zine / Manifesto