• In June 2012 I had this massive poster up on the underground for a month, to celebrate two things - the Jubilee, and my love of chips!

    Let's clear up any cross-atlantic confusion before it starts - chips are not little crispy deep-fried potato snacks. No. Those are 'crisps'. Chips are chunks of English spud sliced and fried hard - sometimes twice - served hot in paper with lots of salt (mine need to look like it's snowed) and good vinegar. They're not fries. Fries are thin, mean little things you might get with a nasty burger. We're talking real potato.

    Having got that out of the way, one of my favourite things, as I'm sure it is of many other human beings too, is a plate of chips with mushy peas. Served real hot, and a strong cup of tea, they can right all wrongs, dry all tears, soothe all nerves. Some people might prefer gravy. Others, traditional curry sauce. (If you're reading in the US and have never tried the 'curry' sauce of the average British chippie, then why are you not on American Airlines' site now, booking yourself over here?)
  • Also in celebration of the Jubilee a few lucky people recieved a limited edition Chips print in the post nicely wrapped in my illustrated chip paper.