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  • A final type book composed of all the creative type solutions we had to produce throughout the Spring 2013 semester. (Not all of the pages are shown!) Here are a few of my chosen favorites.
  • 4 SQUARES PROJECT: Create a type design about YOU
  • How I saw myself at 12 years old: Energetic, Fun, Wild
    I was a ball of fun!
  • How others see me: Quiet, reserved, mysterious.
    I am an aloof goof.
  • How I see myself now: Openminded, friendly, easy going
    Keepin' it funky.
  • How I see myself at 35 years old: Comfortable, stable, professional
    Hopefully I will have a family of my own by then.
  • Flush left, big type, all lowercase
  • Flush right, very small, all upper case
  • Mutilated type: Butcher
    I found it interesting how the younger folk can right away comprehend that the upside down butcher type looks like a sort of animal, whereas the older folk does not see the visual right away.
  • One half missing
    The letters are cut in half! It's still legible!
  • Melting type: Vomit
    Hand drawn, then brought into Illustrator for touch ups!
  • Empty type: Unfaithful
    lacking, loss, no faith
  • Explosion type: SURPRISE!!!!!!
  • Tunnel type: Black hole
    dun dun dun! Based on the golden spiral!
  • Lamborghini visual out of type
  • Off the grid: Frank Ocean - Bad Religion lyrics
  • Using the grid: 2 Columns - Frank Ocean - Sweet Life Lyrics
  • Illegible on the grid: Frank Ocean - Thinkin' Bout You Lyrics