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    Hydroanabolic_Surface, Degree Project, Spring 2011
An Urban Plug-In that will Catalyze Revitalization through Hydrologic Sustainability
The city of Burbank, California needs to begin planning towards a sustainable future in terms of hydrology in order to provide for the growing challenges of water scarcity and storage. Hydroanabolic_surface will make the capture, treatment and movement of water a visual urban performance in order to promote a sustainable culture. By creating a system of devices that can be adapted to Burbank’s existing buildings, a new urban surface emerges. The proposal focuses on the pedestrian district of San Fernando Road between Angeleno and Magnolia; as a demonstration project, it can be replicated throughout the city. The surface will be constructed of a structure in which each surface plays a key role in the filtration, storage, distribution and use of water. The horizontal surface will act as the filtration system while the vertical surface acts as the storage system. The filtration system will be a gravel, carbon and sand filter which will be enclosed in a translucent material in order to allow light to filter through and allow the public to view the process. Additionally, the spaces in between the vertical storage become programmable areas for urban landscape signage and public metering.