Huntingdon in Brick

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  • Huntingdon in Brick
    The Soul of a Small Town
  • Often times, we just ignore brick buildings.  They are so commonplace that they are hardly worth much of our interest.  However, in the small town of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, brick buildings are a huge part of what makes this town special.

    A good majority of the buildings in Huntingdon are made of brick, from the post office, to the buildings at Juniata College, to even a few residential houses.  What makes these buildings so spacial is that many of them have been here for decades.  Brick is a reliable material that lasts for a very long time, and here, we see that.  Each brick building has been there for years, and will probably stay standing for years to come.

    Each of these images have been taken with a Nikon D40, with a 55-200 mm zoom lens.  They have been edited with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.