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  • Humidor Magazine
    Working on a magazine concept, start to finish.
  • This is a project for my design and concept class.  The project is to come up with a concept for a magazine, mine is about cigars.

    The first part of the project is to come up with a name and design a banner for the cover.  I've decided to name my magazine HUMIDOR.  A humidor is where you store your cigars.  I wanted a nice heavy typeface for my banner, so I chose Copperplate Gothic Bold.  To further add to the cigar idea I used the counter in the U to give the shape of the end of a cigar.  I have yet to decide on colors for the title.
  • After experimenting with many fonts, I've decided upon Bebas Neue.  
  • After a little work, and taking my own photograph this is the final cover of HUMIDOR. Table of contents are next.
  • After some adjustments I desaturated the backgr0und photo to better match the feel of the cover.
  • A two page spread for an article.