Humail | Email Client for iPhone

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  • Mail is Emotional Again
  • You do like how fast e-mail is compared to the traditional mail. You do also feel that e-mail is not as warm as those paper messages you used to get in an envelope. Those messages that you could touch, feel and keep. Whether youve experienced these feelings before or you heard about them, Humail will make it feasible to get both even with more intelligence and efficiency.
     Humail brings to you a faster and smarter email client, which will indulge your emotions and take you back to the good days, and let you experience what you missed. No more cold rigid mail grids, Its the time to touch, feel, personalize, your in and out post. Its the time to wait for your envelope with this smarter, faster, and emotionally rich email client for you iPhone.

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    we not even beta and we work hard to fix a lot of issues, so be Patient please !!