Huitzi Videogame Legacy Guardian

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  • Huitzi Guardián del Legado (Huitzi Legacy Guardian) is a videogame project i made for college with the mesoamerican free topic so i decided just for curiosity of building a videogame to make it.
    It took me 2 weeks, one week of learning the method and other week to build it, i just finished one level and the design is not pretty good because the deadline was so much close and i had so little time to finish it.
    The character Huitzi is property of the company LA CASA DEL MOSTRO, i ask for the permission to use it but i had to vectorize and make the illustration for every pose, the spanish characters are from my creation.
    The plot is about Huitzi (The blue hummingbird) and aztec deity to protect the aztec legacy and secrets before the spanish got into it, so is your mission to get to it into pyramides.
    Its not finish but for the time i had and no knowledge about it, i think is a great achievement.
    I hope you like it!