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  • Collaborative Project
    Body-Wear Package
    for Hugo Boss Men's Boxer Brief Line

  • Hugo Boss’s creative director from North America asked to redesign their body–wear men boxer brief packaging. The three main objectives were to create a package based on the same width as the one before that would be able to fit in the same shelf area but one inch higher, for more capacity. Imagery needed to be cool and eye catching but still representing the brand. And finally, a sustainable package, relevant and worthy. Our team’s solution was an acrylic box with rounded edges that will stand out. The product’s color can be easily seen through the transparent acrylic box. The design is as functional and sophisticated as the brand itself. The material choice is a combination of black, metal and acrylic, which reflects the strong architectural design of their retail stores. At the same time, the product fits better due to the high and stiffness of the acrylic. The inside of the lid is made with wood and the logo has been embossed because we believed customers should experience good design on the outside as well as on the inside of the package.