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A product I would like to see produced some day.
Huggable Bandages
branding and product creation

By changing the typical rectangle shape of bandage boxes already on the market, Huggable Bandages can be thrown into any purse or diaper bag easily, its round shape preventing quick wear-and-tear of the container.

The shape of the bandages themselves has a larger area for injuries, and smaller tapered arms that stick to the skin, or securely adhere to themselves [ie. when wrap
ped around fingers]. The graphics would come in different themes, changing the characters inside. No matter the animal, or well known featured character, they will always be shown with arms spread wide. This gives the impression that the wound beneath the bandage is being hugged, and thus soothed from further pain.

DESIGN: Photoshop.
MOCKUP: Cardboard, Tissue Paper. Digital Print, Tracing & Specialty Paper.
Touched up photographs on Photoshop.