• Hue Magazine
    Design a magazine style setter including concept, masthead, cover and articles.

    Hue is a travel magazine aimed at creative, cultured 20-35 year olds. Each quarterly issue is based around a different colour and explores places of that colour. The style setter is the white issue.

    Each issue has a spot varnished plike cover in order to enhance the concept of exploration through colour.
  • Grainy paper, white space and white on white reflects the content of an article about salt flats.
  • A gatefold represents the hidden horror of the Cambodian genocide.
  • Faded type reminds the reader not to forget this tragedy.
  • A personal approach is taken with a journal tip-in.
  • The website continues the colour concept with the masthead fading in, colour on colour. The magazine is initially seen as the paper version to reinforce the importance of the physical paper attributes. A journal-style blog is a key feature.
  • Not all images are my own. All photographers and authors are credited inside the magazine.