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These are sample html emails that include product promotions, newsletters, webinar invites, and event invitations/follow-ups.
GfK Html Event Invitations/Announcements
GfK is a global top five, full-service market research company that covers over 100 markets worldwide across various industries/sectors. Below are samples of rebranded html emails campaigns/direct mail ranging from webinar announcements, special events promotions, and product news for GfK. Newsletters & Html Templates is a online consumer panel community for questionnaire research.  The example on the left below show a newsletter template created for participants. Using the template, the team can edit the text and images for each issue based on their needs. Below on the right are examples of html templates used to celebrate members' birthdays and anniversaries for joining the community. These are sent out every month and are customizable based on their needs.
Html Direct Mail Campaigns
This is a targeted html campaign featuring fun product facts in a newspaper format. The goal was to get people to learn more about employee engagement.