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A waste management guide made for a cooperation of German GIZ Institute and Republic of Serbia Ministry of Environment Protection and Planning.
How to get Clean Money and Nature
A waste management guide.
The company I work in, Yellow Quince, landed this job in November 2011. My two colleagues Vladimir and Miloš were in charge of the content and my job was everything visual, character design, illustration...

This particular style was on demand from the client, a loose, yet vector-looking painting. It was a little hard to get, but in the end the client was satisfied.

There was a lot of client input and some things we did not intend to have, a little too much content on some pages, and longer texts in some speech bubbles. The original texts were in Serbian, and there is going to be translations to more languages.

All in all, this was a successful project.

Some of the images are not updated, there were several small last-minute corrections, but you'll get the point, and I'll fix them when I find time.