How to Recycle Crayons / Showcase Swag

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  • How to Recycle Crayons / Showcase Swag
  • What you will need:
    empty soda cans
    old crayons
    a stove
    a pot you dont care to get messy
    something to help you sort your crayons
    and a mold to put the wax in
    **( you can make your own if you are feeling ambitious. I purchased mine from amazon. they are actually supposed to be ice cube trays. You might also try candy molds or other baking molds.)
  • Have crayons ready and something to help you sort them. I used the red and blue baskets photographed above.
    **( ignore the QR codes - I ended up not using them.)
  • Sort your colors
  • Your trash will look something like this.
  • Use your scissors to cut a slit down the wrapper to try and get label off in one piece. 
  • I put all of the colors on the counter to help me see how many I had left once I really got to melting.
  • Cut your soda cans in half. Make sure they are dry on the inside before you put them on the stove. 
  • Fill your pot with water and turn the heat on no more than medium heat. They crayons will melt at a decent rate once the water gets hot. You don't want the stove too hot because the wax could catch fire. 
    **Being that I had never done this before I started off with grey so if I messed up I wasn't too upset that all the grey was gone.

  • While you wait for the wax to melt make sure your workspace is covered so your kitchen isn't a mess. The wax is very hard to clean up after. I used this old cookie sheet. 
  • Feel free to put multiple colors in at once. 
    **Be sure to keep adding water as it evaporates.
  • If you aren't sure if the wax is melted all the way use another crayon to stir it up. Once its ready pull the can out of the pot and pour the wax into the mold. The aluminum can will be fine to grab with your hands. The wax however, is very hot - do be careful! 
  • To speed up the setting of the wax, place molds into the freezer. 
    **(don't allow them to get too cold because then they will crack and break when you go to take them out of the molds)
  • They will look a little something like this
  • TA DA! Enjoy! :D