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    The lettering design for Happy New Year card.

    ‘Things’ could be a symbolic of the stories or a representation of some events in our lives. From time to time, their stories and values fade and they get hidden in the box, waiting for someone to carry them out. It’s just like the ruins or remembrances which remind us of the things happened. Good or bad. Both happiness or mistakes we made. Perhaps, if we look deeper to the meaning of those things we once forgot, we might find something good for the next year.
  • Now the print version is available.
    You can find it at Archivist.
    Limited edition Risograph print
    2-colour (Pink & Blue) on 225gsm Recycled paper
    42 x 29.7 cm (A3)
    edition of 100
    signed and numbered by the artist
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  • Very thanks to Rxxx Riso print and Archivist to help this project.