How advertising is creating visual pollution

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  • Awarenessinto how advertising is creating visual pollution.
  • My Final Major project looks into advertising and how muchof it we experience. The mass media seems to send out messages encouraging usto consumes sometimes without realising, resulting in people consuming more,driven by what they want than they necessarily need. But is this form ofadvertising right? Is it just a form of propaganda and brainwashing? Theproblem is we are exposed to unnecessary amounts of advertising urging us toconsume everyday, some with subliminal messages, and others with aspirationalideology for you to buy into. My project explores types of products that couldbe used into helping prevent users from unnecessary amount of advertising. Myidea is inspired by looking into retro advertising and how old comic bookadvertisements sell toys and games by displaying and image of what it shouldlook like, with the actual item never quite matching up. My aim is to make thepublic aware of the over proliferation of advertising and that this in factgives us all no choice in what we see and hear