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  • The Naxal movement has been a parallel battle of the disenfranchised tribal belt and farming community of India since 1948.
    Today there are many insurgent groups engaged in guerrilla warfare against the Indian Army. The government considers them the biggest internal security risk.
    The movement has been a fight for the right to retain land that the government will use for indiscriminate mining and 'developement' projects and a right for decent living conditions. Poverty, starvation and neglect from the Center has been one of the main reasons for the uprising.
  • How It Ends is a fictional account of an Indian Army cadet who comes face to face with the rebels in the forest. For his fight to survive against a nameless enemy, he questions his own courage, duty and the humanism behind the war.

    Story: Pratheek Thomas
    Illustration: Aindri Chakraborty
    Cover design and lettering: Prabha Mallya
    Publisher: Manta Ray Comics