How I Work - Google - Colab - Hero and more ;)

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  • HI FOLKS ... here some recent and not really recent project :)
    First of all a set did for Get Set Festival where i try to explain what's happen in my mind when i'm start to loose myself into line ;) A work did for goodle thinkquartly, My eyewear did for the amazing COLAB a pattern for wishbone and one of my favourite project WHY HERO HAVE PROBLEM WITH CALORIES..... :)
    Hope you can enjoy it!!!! If you want to buy some poster i just put online this mini webshop!!!

  • i'm just start to thinking about people and cats in my life... what i have near to me... Giglio and Pandora my two cats :) My mother and my father .... Me and my girlfriend....
  • After this i'm starting to do an happy family :)
  • After this i'm starting to loose myself to do a pattern world ;) Sometime giglio or pandora kill some bird but everything happen and become an ordinary caos :)
  •  COLAB

  • Colab it's an amazing project with a series of super artist like Mike Perry, Mcfetridge and many more...
    I had the opportunity to be a prat of this big family and i draw this eyewear and all the other things... If you love to buy CLICK HERE

    Some times ago i produce this series of image for a little zine. I'm starting to thinking about the idea of super hero today... I'm starting to minimalize everythings and thinking about fatty hero.... Hero it's just a mask so i delete everythings from hero... I can discuss a lot about this but i think this is not the right place ;)
    The result are a limitate series of print just each hero print in just 25-30 copies....