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The branding process for BUN, a fashion jewelry designer / brand.
Brand IdentityBUN
Step by step process

Bun is definitely one of my favorite project thus far. In a lot of ways, I identify myself with the essence of BUN. Elegance, simplicity and cleanness are the three core elements in BUN’s identity as well as my personal design philosophy. I believe, that [high] class and taste could easily be met with the fullfillment of the three qualities mentioned above.

 A lot of modern brands and logos take advantage of the digital age by using gradients in their colour selection or three dimension models in their logo design. When executed carefully, these marks could be remarkable. But in many case, the logo is either overcrowded or too similar with what’s out there already. On the other hand, when one decides to go back to the basics – simple contrasting colours; fundamental shape; good choice in typography – the result will be much more pleasing. BUN has achieved this.

With BUN entering the fashion / perfume / beauty realm as a fresh name, I hold full confidence that BUN will be able to stand against the leading brands and infamous names.

Afterall, BUN will redene elegance.
Prelimiary branding proposal…
As soon as the client agreed to the Brand approach, we quickly moved on to massive marketing and advertising to establish BUN in the field of fashion and design…

Next challenge being able to incorporate all her fabulous work on a stable, professional and visually inviting platform…

Client actually got a few short clips shot...