House Of Betty Poster Set01

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  • 25
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  • A3 digital print on 192 gsm stock
    We have a collection of six designs each with an extremely limited run of ten prints. Each print is signed, numbered and hoB stamped and proudly bares an exclusive hoB vs TIDE logo. We’ve designed you a beautiful certificate of authenticity that matches your print and is also signed, numbered and stamped.

    Each poster is wrapped lovingly in coloured tissue paper and packed into a card-backed brown envelope with a special HoB label. We also put a special hoB sticker in there to keep your print from getting bored.

  • six miniprint pack
    just in case you live in a very tiny house and don’t have much wall space, we’ve made small A6 versions of the prints and bundled one of each into an awesome package with a hand made and numbered topper. We’ve also popped a couple of stickers in there too ’cause everybody loves stickers. Each card is hand stamped on the back with the hoB vampire cat skull and our url.