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  • Hot Rum Cow: A History of British Cider
    Agency: White Light Media
    Art Director: Eric Campbell
    Awarded Runner up. Creative Quarterly CFE 30. Professional Illustration. 
  • This is a series of editorial illustrations commissioned by White Light Media, for the UK magazine Hot Rum Cow, Issue 2.
    Hot Rum Cow is a quarterly magazine for people who are fascinated by great beers, wines & spirits - and the extraordinary stories behind them.
    I was commissioned to illustrate the magazine cover and the feature article 'A History of British Cider'.
    The art director Eric Campbell was great to work with, giving me a lot of creative freedom to develop the artwork. 
    I first looked at medieval tapestry design, particularly the stunning Bayeaux Taperstry (1070's) for inspiration. I wanted to reflect that flat and stylised imagery into my illustrations. For colour, I developed my palette from the magazine logo utilising greens, browns and oranges which captured the natural, earthiness of the story. I also illustrated the title font on the cover. The hand drawn typography was then carried over into the magazine article as highlighted text.
    'Wassailing' A rite which takes place every January on the Twelfth Night. Trees are sung to, music is played, pans are banged and cider is poured.
  • Welsh dragon tamer and patron saint of apple trees...Saint Teilo.
  • 13th century and the flourishing of British cider-making.
  • In the 14th century, babies were reportedly even baptised with cider!
  • The Cider Process
  • "Well written articles accompanied by great photography and beautiful illustrations." 
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    "It’s the illustration that especially makes Hot Rum Cow such a joy"
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  • Magazine layouts
  • The textures in my illustrations were also used as the background to the pages which brought the whole piece together nicely. The designers used a similar font to my hand drawn typography to highlight some areas of text, once again making everything very cohesive.