• Hotel Wiesler
  • The famous Austrian hotel Wiesler – that abandoned its 5 stars by its own choice in 2010 („from 5 stars to independance“) –reinterprets fine memories of past years in a modern way: The new CI of the location built in the centre of Graz in the early 1900s combines tradition with contemporary luxury and Art Nouveau with soul. In this refreshing flair the hotel residents are pampered by thoughtful little details free of formal pomp – that’s what the printed materials designed by moodley brand identity are also a part of. 

    Branding, printed materials, guidance system and website by moodley brand identity.
  • Wiesler – Inspiring since 1909
  • imagery by Lupi Spuma
  • Polaroid stand
  • imagery by Lupi Spuma
  • valentine card
  • advertisment
  • voucher

    Client: Weitzer Hotel Betriebsges.m.b.H. 
    Creative direction: Mike Fuisz 
    Art direction & graphic design: Josef Heigl 
    Client service: Markus Supanitsch 
    Photography: Lupi Spuma
    Product photography: Marion Luttenberger