• Hors-Serie.tv

    Taking advantage of the current broadcasting of the Hors Série season 2 documentaries, Hors-série.tv hopes to become THE web reference for alternative lifestyles of quebecers.

    To become the web reference, the most important element is exclusive content! Rich in authentic content and complementary to the documentaries, Hors-série.tv positions itself by offering its categorized content in an intuitive manner: videos (WebTV), articles (Blogues), photos (Le Mur) and statistics (Observatoire).

    Launch project

    Winner of Applied Art Interactive Award 2010-2011 - Category : Media
  • Thanks to my team members at  Prospek.ca and MC2 :)

    Account Director: Emmanuel Bégin 
    Account Director: Israël Thériault 
    Art Direction: Maya Rioux 
    Art Direction: Jean-Philippe Guy 
    Design: Maya Rioux 
    Design: Jean-Philippe Guy 
    Design: Christopher Scully 
    Flash Animator: Jean-Philippe Guy 
    Flash Programming: Tommy Lacroix 
    Motion Designer: Jean-Philippe Guy 
    Production Company:   MC2 Communication Média
    Producer: Jean-Simon Chartier 
    Project Direction: Vincent Bégin 
    Project Manager: Sébastien Touchette 
    Research and text editing: David Pieropan 
    Research and text editing: Anne-Marie Archambault 
    User Experience Design: Maya Rioux 
    User Experience Design: Sébastien Paccioni 
    Video Editing: Martin Bourgault 
    Video Editing: Jean-André Fourestié 
    Web Strategy: Sébastien Paccioni 
    Programming: Frédéric Trudeau 
    Programming: Alexandre Dumouchel 

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