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Project for a school complex in Sion, CH

The project is located in a complex urban context, partially saturated with existing school buildings of different periods. Aiming to organize a new public space with a clear and precise insertion of the extensions required, the choice was to re-define the courtyard as the central space of the school complex.

A portico is the key-element to the project’s layout and circulation: the covered walking path defines the margins between the courtyard and the exterior urban space, at the same time leading people to the entrances of the new primary school and nursery.
Every new added volume is cladded with two distinct kinds of facades: the walls facing the surrounding city are covered with a continuous 3-d pattern made of precast concrete elements, while all the facades directed towards the inner yard are cladded with glass. This dual distinction allows to consolidate the school complex as a whole low-rise block as seen from the surrounding streets, while the transparent walls make the different ongoing activities in the school buildings reciprocally visible, and focused on the central outdoor space.
Horizonville is a competition project located in Sion, Switzerland. 
Team: Ludens Architetti, Francesco Maracchioni, Patrick Steffen