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  • Waiting for mom.
  • Hope, an innocent little girl who lives alone in the house when her mother is out on work. Her mom works as a house maid in the nearby village. They are very poor and Hope's mother does everything she could to ensure Hope does not feel that she is 'poor'.
    Every evening, it is a ritual for her to wait for her near the edge of the village to see her mom appear in the horizon. She runs shouting 'Mommy...' and jumps into her arms as a small puppy would. Mom would then give her some sweets that she has brought from the village or some dress that her employer has given for Hope.
    But the past couple of days her mother has not been fine. She has been coughing heavily. She was tired all the time. Once or twice she even spat blood. A few kind villagers took her to the local doctor. They returned and were telling her mom that she needs to take rest for a few days. Also this was a problem for many people who work in unhygienic conditions. Her mom was saying that she cannot afford to take even a day off as their life is dependant on her earnings every day.
    Next morning the same elders came as her mom was sleeping, tried to speak to her, shook their heads and then took her somewhere. They returned a little later and told that her mom has gone on a very long journey and she can come and stay with them till she returns. When asked further she was told that her mom has gone to the moon...

    This is the seventh night in a row that Hope has come to the fields at the edge of the village and is sitting there. All she does is look at the moon light throughout the night expecting her mom to return. She does not know how many more days she will be doing that. But every evening when she come to the field she is confident she is going to return home happy. Someday...