• Hope Tree
    Tokyo, Japan (2010)
  • Hope Tree is a conceptual installation that was exhibited at Tokyo Designers Week 2010. The project was one of the winners of Environmental Container Design & Art Competition sponsored by the Design Association NPO of Japan and Dezeen of United Kingdom. Hope Tree installation was envisioned as a spatial condition that attended to question our surrounding as we know it and hoping to generate a discussion and understanding amongst the visitors about the place of our everyday life, our environment. Lately, we are bombarded with products that try to deal with the consequences of environmental damages throughout the world, but occasionally we overlook the roots of these occurring problems by not fully understanding our environment.

    The toroidal surface was composed of 670 self-supporting watercolor paper panels. In addition to the thickness of the watercolor paper, the rigidity of each panel was further reinforced with edges of cardboard to create a box form.  The application of LED lighting allowed the coverage of the entire space with minimal watt usage.  Total of 20 string-LED lightings were used in this installation. In conjunction with the installation of the box panels from ground-top, these string-LED lightings were linked and attached behind the box panels as it created the desired enclosure within. 

    Furthermore, the property of watercolor paper provided a dynamic response to the environmental factor within and outside of the container. The humidity and condensation created within the container during the constantly changing weather conditions during the duration of the exhibition allowed the leaf-like cutout to warp out and expose the diffused lighting each day.