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  • Hope For the Future
    Keep Counselors Campaign
  • The San Diego Unified School District is planning to eliminate all guidance counseling programs at the elementary schools. Counselors advocate education by implementing proactive programs, and by focusing on academics, personal development, as well as the social development of students. Because of drastic budget cuts affecting California our children will no longer be able to get the help and counseling necessary that has been provided for them.

    Counseling and psychotherapy is a vital part of our constant growth, evolvement and daily progress. Counseling provides opportunity, growth, and development, for all ages, including children. This campaign brings to light the value of counseling for children at elementary schools, assisting not only the kids, but motivating the parents to be their voices, while helping to create awareness that our children need counseling services.

    I have created a brand that appeals to the nature of children and youth by implementing the baby sprout as the logo. It encompasses growth and nurturing, something I feel guidance counselors provide for children. I have made this very family oriented with bright colors that evoke fresh energy. The key was to combine the essence and energy that children provide with this clean look and contemporary design.