• Hello ! 

    This is the project "Homo Sanctus Architectura", made during the first artist residency "Fouques Me I'm Famous" at the CABINET-CABINET workshop-gallery, in Montpellier (France).
    We made a timelapse video about the drawing of the main piece of the exhibition (5m x 3m).
    There is about 60 drawings for this exhibition, all made around the link between Human and Architecture.
    It could be a way to put the illustration work into the world of contemporary art. Who knows ? ;)
    The place is headed by two architects, Yoan Claveau de Lima and Guilhem Delhomme  who invited me for the residency, and they aim to make this space a multi disciplinary place. 
    You can check out their work at www.cabinet-cabinet.fr

    photo credits : Yoan Claveau de Lima
    video editing : Florian Staub