Homemade | The Kinfolk Table
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ART DIRECTOR/DESIGNER: Danny Demers PRODUCER: Diane Garcia VIDEO: Cedric Laurenty PHOTOS: Rupert LaMontagne
Homemade | The Kinfolk Table
"Homemade" was a launch created for the release of  Kinfolk's first book release "The Kinfolk Table". The book gathers home chefs and professionals in a series of recipes for small gatherings. To capture this sentiment, we created a small gathering in our home to celebrate the book in Montreal. Guests were invited to dine amongst us as a family would welcome you to their table. We created, a series of home candles with Archer Hard Goods for guests to bring home as well a series of bags for other takeaway items given at the event.
Silkcreened Canvas Tote Bags
Candles made with Archer Hard Goods for Kinfolk
Event recap, shot and edited by Cedric Laurenty