HomeSapiens Magazine issue#02

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  • #02 FUSION HOMELETTE Tastes & pastes of the domestic field
    Order vs disorder: a misordered vision? Maybe confusion, a fusion of things home, where the effusion of our living sense infuses life into our place – be it behind or beyond the door. Disorder brings distraction, the deception of a given system, dependent on a certain aesthetics.
    This is the heart of issue two of the HomeSapiens magazine.
    Kobo Abe
    Pia Bijkerk
    Ebony Bizys
    Hilda Grahnat
    Victoria Hannan
    Edward Johansson
    Iain McKell
    Francesco Migliorini
    Kate Miss
    Jan Otto Schreiber
    Roger Snider
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  • Dentropie #01 Teres Arvidsson, fashion editor
  • Outopie #01 Jan Otto Schreiber, photographer
  • Gustopie #01 Lorenzo Stralanchi, graphic designer
  • Outopie #02 Iain McKell, photographer
  • Outopie #03 Roger Snider, photographer
  • Dentropie #02 Laurens Steenbergen, film editor

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