• HomeGlo
    Home Refurb Ireland needed a name for their new to market product that was memorable and short.
    The name HomeGlo was chosen after much thought as it reflected what the company's main product did. Their product insulates older houses that were built before 1980. These houses were built at the time without adequate insulation. The logo uses a heated element as it’s main symbol. The heated element is shaped in the form of a house and thus gives the idea that by using this service on your home you’re going to get a much warmer home as a result. The element also spreads away from the house at it’s base which gives the symbol great strength and support. The black background used with the identity gives the product a very distinguished/premium feel.
  • HomeGlo identity in colour
  • Homeglo identity in single colour
  • Homeglo identity applied to business cards
  • Homeglo identity applied to compliment slips
  • Homeglo identity applied to letterheads
  • Homeglo identity applied to website