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    (traces of my family)
  • There are images I have been planning for years but I have never been very good at working with people. This becomes especially obvious when it comes to my family. I decided to try something a little different.
  • My whole life I have watched him build things. It is just one of the things he has no idea I am envious of.
  • He always had so many little jobs going. I am thinking that times have changed or, maybe it is just the world I live in is so different. I remember long weekends, football, beer and all of the men talking about there new projects.
  • I haven't seen my sister in more years than I care to remember. My fault maybe, just the distance maybe... I sometimes think I should try harder. We have lived half a world apart for much of my adult life. I miss her.
  • My mother is a collector. She keeps things that others forget. Sometimes I think she is holding onto these things for my sister and I. That these memories are for us and that she is guarding them. I have always envied her independence and strength.
  • Some of the things my mother keeps have no history for us. I am not sure where this phone came from or how long she had it. I just remember sitting in the kitchen while they discussed buying a new house... my mother was adamant that this phone would come with them. I am curious why she is so attached to it... what does it mean to her?
  • The little girl is actually my grandmother. My parents have both become fascinated with family since they retired. Sometimes I wonder what I actually know about my parents and what I just assume. I never really knew my grandmother. She was extremely distant around me and we hadn't spoken in years when she died. I don't think I will ever know why... Families are complex.