• Hollow Restaurant
    What do visitors expect from the new restaurant? A delicious meals? - No doubt. Comfort? - Of course. Cosiness? – is a must! A place where you want to spend time with family, loved ones, friends and colleagues. Exactly this concept created in common two designers Sergei Makhno and Vasiliy Butenko. The concept of the restaurant is defined by its interior. Barely entering, you will feel the merger with nature. Title «Hollow» is the key of the interior. The restaurant is divided into two floors. On the first floor - a dining area with a delicious meal that will delight even the most refined tastes, on the second - a lounge zone where improvised gorge creates the effect of comfort and complete security from the outside world. There you will feel peace, solitude and alienation from the bustle of everyday life. In the design of the hollow decorative elements in the form of flowers are used - and it is not accidentally, as everything in this this place is to meet the aesthetic tastes of the client. Authorial lamps from Vasiliy Butenko complement flowers and remind visitors about the generous gifts of nature. Materials used in the design - wood and stone - give a sense of natural rest and comfort. Here is your world!
    The interior has another one pleasant feature. There you can fully devote yourself to reading your favorite book, especially as everything is available: natural light, comfortable chairs, delicious coffee and of course a wide variety of books for every taste. In the Hollow in every detail you will feel the personality, which is so lacking in today's world.