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  • Holiday Concept 2008

    This is a series of concept drawings i worked out for a holiday themed 3D animation a couple of years ago. I like pulling up old work and these were alot of fun to make as i recall. My CD Randall Smith and I worked out the initial ideas including the rejected concepts you'll find at the bottom of the page. From there I worked in Corel Painter and photoshop to work out some character and environment studies. These represent the mostly final or near-final phase of their process to final concept, there were many pencil and quick photoshop storyboards beforehand that I will work on getting included.  
  • Initial Character sketches
  • The Dad
  • The Mom
  • The Daughter
  • The Son

    The various places the and sets for the cat family.
  • The family car/sled
  • Interior
  • The family home
  • House Interior

    These concepts were not chosen in the end, which is too bad because i like them a ton. Especially the owl.
  • Sad lonely Owl
  • His little house and sad decorations
  • Bad Guy Present Man
  • Nice Yeti
  • Not so nice Yeti