Hog Ranch

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  • " I see The ancient machinery of the world, elegant and ferocious, neither good nor bad. It is full of beautiful things unspeakable things, flowing together into eternity"

    These are photographs of Hog Ranch, just outside of Nairobi Kenya, taken in the spring of 2006. I was invited to work with Peter Beard and stay at his ranch. It is an amazing place and I still dream about it.

    Hog Ranch is a tented camp just outside of Nairobi and very near Karen Blixens home made famous in the book "Out Of Africa". There are wild animals that roam through the camp and visit daily, it is not uncommon to have giraffes feeding outside your window when you awake or wart hogs foraging for food a few steps from your breakfast table, at night owls, Hyenas and giant rats forage nearby and many creatures can be heard in the underbrush. It is a wonderful place where you are surrounded by nature all day.... I do miss it.