Ho.Pe. // A project by The Chic Fish

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  • Ho.Pe.
    A project by The Chic Fish
  • HO. PE. means HOME. PEOPLE. It's a photography project that want to describe people through the photo of their more intimate setting, the house.
    HO. PE. wants to offer a glance at their secrets spaces such as the true expression of their passions and their style.

    HO. PE. is a The Chic Fish project, that’s why the selection of houses and people stay true to the retro-chic style.
    Protagonists are not famous people, everyone can join.
  • First explorations of the logo
  • The final logo
  • Web visualization
  • Ho.Pe. #01 Silvia Massimo e Davide
  • Ho.Pe. #02 Gionata
  • Ho.Pe. #03 Veronica
  • Ho.Pe. #04 Cesare e Silvia