Historical Typographic Figures Posters (Kickstarter!)

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  • Historical Figures Typographic Poster Series
    A kickstarter project
  • Hey gang,

    I decided to try and build out a series of typographic posters comprised of their famous quotes and sayings. The design was built all by hand...meaning I carefully laid out every single line of text, sized it, tweaked it and colored it...each one takes about 20 hours to complete...!

    I thought it would be really fun to create a series of these and put them out on Kickstarter to try and generate some interest.

    But rather than just me deciding what posters to make, I thought I'd start a poll and let people vote! Some of the people I'm looking at now are:

    For the first poster in the series, I chose Albert Einstein...check him out below.... and hey, if you want to vote on who I should make next or if you'd like to help me out to reach my Kickstarter goal, feel free to have a look, it would make my day! Thanks!