Hinterland in Iran

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  • Hinterland travels to Iran, to find out about traditional clothing, to discuss it and examine. A contemporary approach towards Iran, its traditions, its culture and political situation. All these topics will be discussed and worked on together with Iranian artists. A special edition ‘Iran’ will be created, an Austrian-Iranian Co-operation.

    22 Iranian artists now work on the topic of Iranian Hinterland. The first presentation of these products will be on september 24th in Tehran, Iran.

    24. september 2010
    Azad Gallery, Tehran

    What does Hinterland mean?
    Context of hinterland changed in historical times. It varies from culture to culture. And from time to time. It has various different meanings, but it is always far fetched, outside (the city), rural...WHERE? – you need deep inner motion to get there, the trip itself is important, this trip is SPIRITUAL and EMOTIONAL
    In modern times Hinterland is the movies: you buy a ticket, you are disconnected from the world for a limited time. – Bollywood. and you see good things that dont happen in your life. It´s Hinterland brought into the city – inside the city.
    It´s beautiful and different.
    It is also a geographical term – it´s important to know, that you always need to get there – it´s the way to get there - it can also be within you.
    Before modern times: you needed to get out of the city. To start a travel, to get disconnected – to get to an Iranian garden (walls around): this was always the most important Hinterland. Iranian Gardens were the manifestation of Hinterland: outside the city. Having your own paradise, having your dream, being disconnected to the outer world. To hide. To cover.
    „IT EXISTS but it´s COVERED“ – the Iranian way of life.
    Multilayered – visible but invisible (IRANIAN VERSION of Hinterland)
    Hinterland is NOT utopia, utopia has no more reality.
    Hinterland still faces reality. But it´s very PERSONAL, INTIMATE and INDIVIDUAL