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3D Stucio Max, Illustrator, Photoshop. After Effects, pencil, sketch, eraser, brain, eyelids and lots of eyedrops
Hindenburg Disaster

It was one of Germany's pride in the 30's. The Golden Age for commercial flying. The Hindenburg was the first airliner to provide regularly scheduled service between Europe and North America.
To conmemorate the 75th annyversary of it's accident we have produced a series of graphics and a video.
Produced by Maite Vaquero (film editing, sound editing and voice), Alvaro Undabarrena (maps) and myself (3D modelling and postpo).
Interactive Graphic by Javier Barriocanal
Very first sketches.
First sketches.
Animation for rigging check of the main character (Hubert). Ambient oclusion proof.
Animation for rigging check of the main character (Hubert). RGB proof.
Double page spread. Published in EL MUNDO's sunday MAGAZINE