Hijjas Kasturi

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  • Hijjas Kasturi Associates has been one of the leading architectural practices in Malaysia for over thirty years, designing some of the nation’s most iconic buildings. This brochure is designed to portray the achievement of the company over the years. One of the world most iconic architecture is the pyramid, build by the egyptians in the ancient times using only man power, which was closely associated with the king and god. Hijjas Kasturi, Building Pyramids is the tagline for the practice, this tagline shows the character of HJ Associates which build iconic buildings which is based on cultural elements. The structure of this brochure is separated into 3 sections, Spire, Kudos and Throne with different sizes which is stack into a pyramid form for each respective sections. Spire which showcase the recent works of the company, Kudos showcases some highlights of HJ buildings whereas Throne introduces the biography of Hijjas Kasturi himself, his daughter and their men which is place at the top of the 'pyramid'.