Highwire: Purina Pet Food

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  • Client: 
    This was a joint venture between Dunnhumby and Nestlé Purina
    Back Story:
    Highwire Brand Studio is a branding practicum combining marketing, graphic design, and other majors within a competitive team environment to create a cohesive and comprehensive branding campaign for the Pet Department at Kroger. 
    Additional Information:
    Confidentiality agreements disallow further project information from being disclosed publicly. If you wish to know more, feel free to contact me with your questions. I'm happy to answer them! 
  • full view of a redesigned pet aisle. Wayfinding has been added for easier navigation. The structural renderings for this pet aisle were done by John M. Tatone.
  • This is a detail of the acrylic overhang that displays winning pet videos from the website (see below for website) 
  • Detail of the new treat bar with interactive screen as well as the refrigerated pet food section. 
  • Detail of the new wayfinding: floor decals, overhead signage, color coded shelving based on type of pet (dog, cat, and small pet)
  • Example of a possible charity, Halo Animal Rescue, pamphlet that customers could learn about in the pet food aisle and help support
  • iPhone app
  • Web design