Highrise Proposal, Tokyo

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    Proposal for a Highrise and Mixed Used Building, Tokyo
  • The shapes of the streets affect and define the circulation and the areas inside the building.
    Similiar to the urban fabric of Tokyo the highrise complex commands a variety of public spaces for different       needs and different levels of density...
  • 'Written' Siteplan
  • Frequency and flow of movement through the streets and the building 
    Base for manifestation of the circulation area
  • Circulation---Infrastructure
  • Civic Space
  • Diversity
  • 'Internal Street Layout'---Circulation
  • Diagrammatic Sections
  • Entrance Area
  • Cross---Section
  • Cross Section---Close Up
  • Possible Variations of Civic Space
  • Possible Variations of Civic Space---Close Up
  • Cross---Section
  • Structural Concept---The live, dead and lateral loads vary between the upper and lower parts of the building and therefore require diverse thicknesses.
  • Cross---Section---Close Up
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