Highlights Puzzle

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  • I was asked by Highlights to create a puzzle for their upcoming Which Way USA online game series.
    With great honor, I was assigned to do a word unscramble based themed after the Phoenix Fire Museum - Hall of Flame.
    Below are a bunch of the illustrations, some sketches, and progress as it came along.
  • Final Comp
  • Dalmatian Detail
  • The puzzle's mechanics: There's a static background and rotating images that change through each word. The scrambled letters show up with the accompanying item graphic. The challenge was finding simple enough words that were still fun to guess and not all just 'axe' or 'hose' - though we did use a few short ones.
  • Hydrant Detail / Sketch
  • Artistically I was pretty free to roam. I took a lot of references from the actual museum, some youtube video tours, and other inspiring illustrations. I toned down the cutesy silly proportions a bit for the sake of education though. 
  • Fire Fighter Detail
  • Objects
  • All objects
  • Sketches & Process
  • The background people weren't always white! I had a father and his son prior but the proportions were too wacky, so when I redrew I just drew the boy white and used the fireman model from one of the objects
  • Early process of the case was too wonky / weird for the project. I still prefer my scientific perspective, haha
  • Early Comp - this worked enough to get the approval to continue forward. Feedback from this point was perspective / proportion fixes.
  • Final background. I only textured the background, the items stayed non textured for clarity and separation from the bg
  • Hope you liked some insight into the process. I'll try to do this on most of my cool projects if everyone seems to enjoy reading it and sharing it!